Magnum Chimney Inspections, LLC


PO Box 247

Clarksboro, NJ 08020


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  • Visual inspection of the accessible exterior chimney.

  • Visual inspection of the face, hearth, firebox and smoke shelf.

  • Check the function of the damper.

  • The firebox will be swept as well as the smoke shelf.

  • The chimney flue will be swept.

  • Ash dumps will not be emptied.

  • A ChimScan video inspection of the interior flue will be performed.

  • All findings are recorded using a digital camera and the video inspection is recorded to the inspectors laptop computer. If any problems are noted a detailed report will be compiled including color photos. Suggestions will be made on how to remedy the problems noted.

  • For any required repairs we recommend that you consult the Chimney Safety Institute of America's web site to find a certified chimney professional in your area.


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