Magnum Chimney Inspections, LLC


PO Box 247

Clarksboro, NJ 08020


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Chimney Inspections:

Our inspections are performed to NFPA 211 Standards .

We inspect open woodburning and gas fireplace, fireplace inserts and free-standing wood stove and their chimney systems as well as chimney systems serving oil and gas fired heating equipment.

How can we serve you?



Have you been given information about your chimney that you are just not sure about?

Let us perform a thorough inspection and eliminate some of the questions you may have. We will offer an unbiased opinion as to the condition of your chimney and what could potentially have caused the problem to develop. We also will make recommendations on how to remedy the situation. Once you have the facts you can make an informed decision how to proceed.


Detailed Reports:

  • Ever collect information about something and later feel like you've forgotten some important fact?

  • Ever had someone try to explain something to you and you just couldn't picture it?

  • Ever try to explain something to someone else and they question if you have the details straight?

While we welcome the home owner to observe our inspections and are happy to answer any questions that may arise at the time of service, not to worry! We provide you with a detailed report that will include diagrams and color photos with a written description of what was found during the inspection process.

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