Magnum Chimney Inspections, LLC


PO Box 247

Clarksboro, NJ 08020


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Heating Appliances:

  • Furnaces, boilers and hot water heater chimneys - oil and gas - routine annual maintenance and inspection.

  • "Red Tag" inspections and service.

  • Upgrading your heater or changing fuels? Let us sweep and inspect your chimney as required by the National Fire Protection Association.


Heating Companies:

  • Have a customer that is upgrading their furnace or hot water heater to a more efficient unit or updating an old system?

  • Have a customer converting from one fuel to another?

  • Been on a service call where the chimney is blocked or the draft is just not right?

  • Were you cleaning the smoke pipes and noticed the exiting flue tiles were deteriorating or that the chimney was unlined?


Let us perform the required inspection and service for you.

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