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Clarksboro, NJ 08020


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Home Inspectors:

It is our desire to work together with the local home inspectors and realtors to protect the potential home buyers from unpleasant surprises after they have gone to settlement and to help them confirm that they are making a well informed decision.

It is not the home inspector's job to conduct a thorough inspection of the chimney yet we have many home owners that would like to blame them when they find something wrong with the chimney after they have moved in.

Our goal is to continue to make the home inspectors and realtors aware of a problem we encounter so often. Following the NFPA 211 recommendation for inspection " upon the sale or transfer of property" would help reinforce the buyers decision that the home is a good choice for them or allow them to avoid unwanted repairs and disappointment when we have to tell them they cannot not burn their fireplace until changes are made.


ASHI Standards of Practice:

Inspection of Heating Systems

Inspection of Fireplaces and Wood Burning Appliances

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